December  winners:

£300 -  Robin Currie      £200 - Charles Hutcheson

£100 - Nigel Morris

Entry into the Islay Pipe Band 100 Club costs just £4.00 per month.   It is an easy way to support the band for the price of a lottery ticket each week - only with much better odds!!

From December 2010 on,  monthly prizes will be as follows:

1st prize:  £100

2nd prize: £30

3rd prize: £20

There are two special draws, in June and December, when the prizes are:

1st prize: £300

2nd prize: £200

3rd prize: £100

Notification of prizewinners will be published in the Ileach newspaper and here on the band website.

If you would like to support the band by joining the 100 Club,  full details and entry forms can be obtained by contacting Sheena MacMillan:  Tel: 01496 860279 or email her:


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